Friday, December 16, 2005

New Kite Design Hits the Market - the GK SONIC

I have been flying Naish kites religiously since i started kiting 5 years ago. For overall ease of use, durability and stability, I still believe that Naish kites (the Boxer line in particular for steady winds, and Torch line for gusty conditions) are fantastic.

That said, I have recently been experimenting with 'crossbow' style kites and have found one that is amazing - designed by Mat Pendle of Globerider Kites - This team of designers were behind the first really commercially popular line of kites - Wipika - and then went on to found Takoon.

Now their efforts have given birth to an entirely new style of crossbow kite. This kite moves the pivot 'axis' from the leading edge on a traditional kite to a 'rolling range' using a bridle system. While the Cabrina kites also use a bridle, the GK Sonic design produces a kite that flies with very little bar pressure and that can absorb incredibly strong gusts effortlessly. Great for kiting in waves during winter storms off the california coast. Here are some reviews of the kite :

Monkey Air GK Sonic Review

KiteForum GK 11 Review

KiteForum GK 8 Review

And a picture:
Orange GK Sonic
UPDATE : MAY 28 2006 - I've finally had enough time on the water with this kite to feel comfortable writing about it --click on the 'comments' section below. ive embedded my comments there....

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Demo Clip - the new GK SONIC from Global Kiteriders

Phil Sobolev from Helm of Sun Valley sent me this video clip of the new GK Sonic - this kite has a lot of range, and appears to be very easy to relaunch, even if its down 'direct downwind'. Check it out...