Monday, November 13, 2006

Snowkiting 101 DVD back on line..

Shannon Best AKA "the most LOVED HATED man in Kiteboarding" has given me a green light to allow my friends to download his new DVD video - Snowkiting 101. I've broken the download into 2 parts (part 1 and part 2) to reduce the probablility of your computer 'timing out' as the whole DVD at once takes a long time. Alternatively, you can order the DVD for snail mail delivery by going to the Best Website. Here's a downloadable clip for a PC in mpeg format ..

To copy and create a physical DVD, create an empty folder, unzip and copy everything from part 1 into it, then copy all the files from the second download into the same folder. Rename that whole thing "VIDEO_TS" (without the quotes) and print the folder exactly as is onto a DVD disc. Don't be boggled by all the files and filenames - there are a bunch - they should look like this: DVD File Structures. The printed DVD will play in your dvd player at home - OR if you have a software DVD player (like InterActual) installed on your PC it will play there as well.

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Friday, November 10, 2006

More Infamy....KITEfamy !

order the magazine Cimeron authored a fun piece for Kiteboarding Magazine, highlighting the unusual mix of wind, surf and kiteboarding addicted people we have here in the SF Bay area and Silicon Valley. It's this months issue - cover highlighted to the left.

It's a great read!! Buy the magazine by clicking HERE.

Here's the front page of the article (pp 80 - 87). There was no wind on picture day, so we took a parking lot shot!! (and no, the Ferrari is NOT mine, its Ian's!!) . BTW there's an AVVENU from this pic to a pdf file of the article that is downloadable from my home PC.

test file

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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Infamous...?? KITEfamous!!

Natasha kiting Grand CaymanShe's movin' on to the BVI.

Natasha's just moved on to Grand Cayman from the Dominican Republic .... and she was spotted in her first week there by a photographer for the Cayman Compass. Now in print...
If you are looking for an instructor in the area, reach out and write her :

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