Thursday, March 29, 2007

I heard it from the Horse's Mouth - Kiteboarding IS sailing.

One of my favorite water blogs is horse's mouth. This blog is full of humor, satire, insightful quips and interesting pictures.

Horse's Mouth JournalHorse's mouth did a post in March highlighting its Popeye Awards for excellence in Sail Blogging -- where recently something I knew in my heart to be TRUE was confrimed beyond a shadow of a doubt -- that kiteboarding IS a form of sailing. Heck, I heard it right from the horse's mouth, so it MUST be true. (I'd also point out that kiteboarding adds elements of wakeboarding, surfing, paragliding, and windsurfing which is why it's sooo very fun). It's probably the case that I ended up in this sport because of sailing, having learned to sail while in school at Harvard at the M.I.T. boat house on the Charles River in Boston. After learning on an interclub and then graduating to a Laser to understand speed, Windsurfing was next, and now this...

Popeye, whoever you are, thanks for including me in your top 10 sailing blogs!!

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Monday, March 26, 2007

GPS course tracking with the Garmin Foreunner 205

MotionBased Tracking SiteLast week I picked up a Garmin Foreunner 205 wristwatch GPS receiver to use while I kiteboard. The forerunner works with an affiliated website called MotionBased, which I learned about from John Gomes (see posts #2 and #3 kiteboarding rescue August 18 2006).

MotionBased allows the user to upload data collected in the unit and post it to the web - on a map, that can be stored and shared. Here is an example - kiteboarding yesterday in the late afternoon at 3rd Avenue in San Mateo, California. Pretty useful, and very cool. Separately, ill be logging this data in combination with wind, tide and current conditions and storing and sharing those logs on scribd .