Saturday, January 26, 2008

Snow Kiting South Lake Tahoe

Made it to Grass Lake, this time remembering to bring a pump'08 starts with a charm. A year long effort to snow kite South Lake Tahoe is a SUCCESS!
A year ago at this time, a friend and I trekked around South Lake Tahoe for an hour looking to kite.
Word was we should check out Grass Lake at Luther Pass, and Hope Valley. Hope Valley doubles as a snowmobile track (people ride over lines, kiters get in the way) , so we made our way to Grass Lake. Once there, we trekked out onto the ice… and realized that neither of us had brought a pump :( . Bummer.

Pumped up a yarga, Flew a GK Sonic 11Well, this year we made the trek, pump in hand – and made it out to kite. We ended up launching my GK Sonic 11 and had a great session. BACK in the saddle again after months of no kiting...HERE'S a CLIP, mixing footage from a Camrig attached digital cam (on the kite), with helmet cam footage from an Oregon Scientific ATC2K. After viewing my first ever snow session, if you actually want to get stoked, watch THIS VIDEO from Best Kiteboarding .

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