Friday, August 15, 2008

Pentax Optio W30 - Filming Kiteloops

My Pentax Optio W20 is now at the bottom of the ocean somewhere off Kite Beach. So I replaced it with the w30. When filming with the camera mounted on a kite - 2 changes to note : A small duct tape roll will stop the shutter button from being pressed against the case from centrifugal force SET the focus on 'infinity' - the default autofocus will lock in on a shorter distance when launching and the video will end up fuzzy if you don't. Separately, if trying stunts, the centrifugal force on the camera (if its in a case) will power off the camera unless you protect the shutter button (see picture).

Here are some kite loops filmed with the w30. video's clear compared to my pentax video of Las Terrenas below filmed on autofocus.

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Saturday, August 02, 2008

WATERPROOF H20 Audio IPOD Shuffle + AquaPac Ear Buds!

Waterproff IPOD shuffle case fromH2o AudioGREAT combination. H20 Audio sent me their new waterproof IPOD Shuffle casing to try out. It comes with a "swim belt" that is intended for a swimmer's body - it fits perfectly mounted on a Cabrinha waist harness. Swimbelt wrapped around a waist harness belt
The "pull cord" designed for the customer to unmount the IPOD doubles as a safety when the swimbelt is fed through the loop as shown in the picture. waterproof earbuds plus handy case from Aquapac
I tried several headsets, and the one with the best sound quality comes from Aquapac. Aquapac makes a 100% waterproof set of ear buds that fit snugly, and thus provide wonderful sound quality... here are pictures of the combo mounted on a waist harness.

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