Monday, October 13, 2008


from Tyrone Rawlins --

The 2008 Luderitz Speed Challenge was nothing less than spectacular. With months of preparations getting the strip ready, it was all worth while as every session delivered results as new records kept being set. History was made when Sebastien Cattelan became the first sailor to break the 50 knot barrier. But the racing continued with faster times being recorded with every run.Records broken on this event (all subject to WSSRC ratification)
Alexandre Caizergues, French and World Outright: 50.57 knots
Robert Douglas, US Outright: 50.54 knots
Grant Ross, South African Outright: 48.79 knots
Rolf van der Vlugt, Dutch Outrigh: 47.46 knots
Sjoukje Bredenkamp, South African and World Outright Women: 45,20 knots
Juergen Geiger, Namibian Outright: 44.90 knots
David Williams, British Outright: 44.78 knots
Charlotte Consorti, French Outright Women: 44.74 knots
Bjorn Dunkerbeck, Spanish Outright: 44.74 knots
Jernej Privsek, Slovenian Outright: 43.42 knots
Marc Avela, Spanish Kiteboarding: 42.76 knots
Christian Barret, Belgium Outright: 40.87 knots
Katja Roose, Dutch Outright Women: 39.58 knots
Jemma Grobbelaar, British Outright Women: 38.1 knots
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Monday, October 06, 2008

getting ready to KITE THE LOBBY

Looking forward to David Hornick's Lobby Conference in a few weeks. David has each of us do an introductory video as a way to get to know each other - I turned mine into a time capsule given the extraordinary things that are happening in the credit markets these days, as the issues surrounding the financial markets are definitely on my mind, even more than kiting given the season is over around here. While the beginning of this clip is not about kiting, I do in fact touch on our sport as there is NO possible way for me to introduce myself without a kite in hand.