Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Visit With the KING of KITEBOARDs - Jimmy Lewis

Today we (Aaron, Chris, Natasha, Julia, and Bill) made a pilgrimage to visit the KING - The King of kiteboards -- Jimmy Lewis. We drove on up to Haiku where Jimmy gave us a tutorial on his custom board designs and a tour of his shop.
Bill, Jimmy and Chris at the Jimmy Lewis workshop Aaron led the charge this time as it was finally his turn to order his own custom 'Bitch Witch' (a board) - designed for wave riding.

Compared to the Jimmy that I ride (a Model III), the Bitch Witch has a narrower (7" wide BW vs. 8" wide Model III) tail which allows it to sink a bit in bottom turns to edge through the waves.

Arron and Julia picking up thier new baby from Dr. Jimmy
Aaron and Julia discussing the finer points of Aaron's new baby with doctor Jimmy...

daimond00usa@hotmail.com - contact me in the Dominican for lessons, or info on Jimmy Lewis boards After a tour of the shop, Natasha, (who I brought into the sport in 2001 -- and who now is an IKO certified instructor teaching primarily in the Dominican Republic) decided that she wanted this special Jimmy board...


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