Sunday, December 02, 2007

Kiting Dubai

City of DubaiI was invited to tag along with a friend heading to Dubai. It looks like a great slow motion, light wind, big kite kiting spot. Wonderful to know for when I'm there for other reasons and want to bring my gear. I ended up not going, but if you ever want to head over, here are a couple tips.

A license is required to kite anywhere in Dubai. If the beach patrol catches you without one you could have your gear confiscated or worse. Here are the local rules.

palm island, DubaiLicenses are issued by the DKC (Dubai Kite Club). You can join DKC and get a 1 month temporary membership, license included - download the application form here and submit it with a passport sized photo, a copy of your entry visa and passport, and you will need to provide 200 dirhams (local currency) to register. Here's a helpful link to lodging - Dubai Hotels



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