Friday, May 16, 2008

What to do on a windless day on Maui - Freebord!

Just before heading out to Maui, I brought Susi and Tom up to SF to visit Freebord to try out their gear on a windy day at Crissy. We wanted to see if we could snowboard on asphalt and stay upwind with a kite. 35MPH winds, with a trainer kite and a freebord...

The product is like a longboard with two truck wheels along the center that swivel - so it rides like a snowboard. Here are some cool shots of the board's evolution :

The intention was to bring them to Maui and try them out with 4 line kites so we could also depower if needed. We planned to kite but the wind was too light. So we rode 'em anyway! Susi Mai, Tom Court, plus Jesse Richman (winner of PKRA France) and Clarissa Hempel, who just won the Texas Velocity games last week.

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