Friday, June 20, 2008

USKN Winners!! Clarissa, Damien, and Jon

#1 USKN Women's racer Clarissa Hempel stylin between races (photo courtesy Steven Gunn) Course racing is stepping up to be a big part of kiteboarding these days - it could be on it's way to becoming an olympic sport. If I understand it correctly, 48 countries need to particpate, hold trials, & qualify riders for kiting to become an officially sanctioned Olympic sport.

Jon Mordeca and Damien LeRoy, 4th and 1st respectively at the USKN (photo courtesy of Steven Gunn)Given the number of countries where wind and water have combined to produce great kite spots, I am certain it's a matter of 'when' and not 'if'.

In a warm up to that day, the St. Francis yacht Club of S.F. hosted the US Kite Nationals at Crissy Field last week. MaiTai'er Clarissa Hempel and Damien LeRoy, both team riders for Cabrinha won 1st place in Women's and Men's respectively. Jon Mordeca , also a Cabrinha rider, had a great showing, placing fourth overall. Congrats!


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