Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tree a Kite in Kihei? Coco Mike(s) TO THE RESCUE!!!

Treed kite in Kihei at Maui SunsetOne of our riders treed a kite during Mai Tai 2008. Apparently a pretty common occurance in Kihei behind the Maui Sunset. Attempts to fly it out in one piece failed of course, so half a kite was left in the tree.

Coco Mike(s), no spikes!!After repeated calls to the Maui Sunset with no response, Kon Othmer was finally able to find a GREAT resource to come to the rescue. Coco Mike (who's email is plural because the singular version was taken) can climb huge palm trees, BAREFOOT, without any spikes, cleats or anything that can damage a tree!! The ropes you see in the picture are not used to tie HIM down, only to lower things from the tree safely.. If you are ever in the same situation that we were, contact Mike Shortell at (808) 572-2845 or reach him by email at

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

visit me on naruto episode

7:25 AM  
Blogger baknet said...

#1. The trees in question are not part of Maui Sunset property, but the county owned park.

#2. Only kooks fly their kites into the palms there.

#3. Only super-kooks leave them there because they have to go catch a flight.

12:18 PM  

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