Monday, January 05, 2009

An Attempt to SnowKite Mt Rose Meadow, Lake Tahoe

We spent a week in the Lake Tahoe area over XMas break. On new years day, the set up looked solid for January second - expected winds of 19 MPH, and light snow. Luckily I had brought kites (so I thought). Well, so much for forecasts - a blizzard set in for the day with super gusty winds and enough snow to reduce visibility to zero..

One kite up at Mt Rose Meadow, on a clear day Weather aside, on Jan 2 we drove over to one of the main kite areas to check out the possibilities. One kiter was attempting to launch - while we did not even try, the exercise got me to do enough research on places to kite to write this post as a reference. Here's a link to a set of reviews and a Google map done by DRIFT Magazine, marking several places to try on your next visit : DRIFT Magazine - California Snowkite Spots.


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