Saturday, May 02, 2009

Midnight Metal Works - Ethan Kerber when not Kiting

I first got to know Ethan Kerber on one of those whacky days that separates the crazy & addicted from the sane. A storm was blowing through town and winds were whipping up into the mid 30's and touching 40 Mph. Nuts!! There were only a few of us nut cases out there, and as the heaviest guy around, Ethan held me down as I attempted to launch a 9 meter kite - an attempt that did not end well - for a moment we were 350 lbs of flying meat on a string (on land, flying toward rocks.)
From 2009 04 29 Kerber Art

I see Ethan at the beach often, but not when it's blowing near 40 anymore. He takes the edge off on those days by bending metal - literally - in his art studio. Ethan bends, shapes, and welds metal into beautiful works of art at in SOMA at Midnight Metal Works. These pictures are from a public art project he has been working on for the past couple years that will be permanently installed in Washington DC, about 10 blocks from the White House. It will be in the Mount Vernon Triangle neighborhood - across the street from the convention center. Its a 25 foot sculpture that will ornament the new City Vista development. I will soon post a google maps link to the exact location...


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ethan's work is amazing!

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