Saturday, August 15, 2009

For WHEN this happens to YOU!

One of these 'when and not if ' experiences. Rib cage hurts. How severe is it? Can I still kite? What should I do? A weekend before big races in SF, I tore my rib cage on a "splat landing", attempting a double backroll kiteloop (at least I think that was what I tried) doing a photo shoot for an upcoming article in the October issue of The Kiteboarder Magazine.

For future reference, here is a great guide to healing ribs: Care of Rib Injuries
In my case it took a solid 6 weeks to fully heal - I split the cartlidge between ribs 6,7 + split cartlidge where rib 7 meets the sternum, tore the nerve along rib 6, and sprained the ligament where rib 6 meets the spine in back. The guide, time, and lots of situps before, and after got me back on the water in 3 weeks. In my next life I want to have the healing powers of Wolverine in the X-Men.


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