Sunday, August 28, 2005

KING of the BAY 2005. Kiteboarding competition in Northern California held annually at 3rd Avenue in San Mateo.

Here are some pics from the August 20 2005 - Freestyle Expression Session. the kiting today was awesome. After taking these pics, I went out toward the end of the day - winds were 22 gusting 26. Perfect conditions for jumping with a 12.
high jump at 3rd Av
Flyin away at 3rd
twistin handle pass
above the buldings
rocket launch
up up and away
... And, here I am! (I was not in the contest but went out late in the day after taking the pics above)

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Roni Wins KiteFest 2005 "Queen of the Air"

Count out SEVEN FULL SECONDS - one, one thousand; two, one thousand; three, one thousand; four, one thousand; five, one thousand; six, onethousand; seven one thousand...
This post is from my friends at Aqua Sports -

Roni DuPreez, KiteFest Queen of the Air Roni introduced me to Jimmy Lewis gear (see post below)...

Congratulations to Roni Du Preez for her outstanding achievement in this years Kitefest.

The 2005 Kitefest run by the infamous Robin Williams was held on schedule at Kanaha Beach Park on June 23-26.

Families dominated the mens podium with the Drexler brothers showing an impressive standing, but just shy of the Richmon Brothers (Shaun and Jesse) taking first and second in Mens Pro division.

The woman's heat was held in blusterly gusty conditions. Aqua Sports' own Roni DuPreez faced heavy challenges to her first place position, yet was able to refly her heat and triumphed as this years first place winner.

If that wasn't enough, she solidified her first place position with an impressive 7 second airtime to become this year's hangtime winner and Kitefest's Queen of the Air.

Way to go, Roni!