Wednesday, May 18, 2005

What's it like to take a lesson?

I convinced a handful of adventurous friends to give it a go and to meet me in Maui. I set them up with my kite friends Kimo and Roni who run Aqua Sports to take lessons at Kite Beach, Maui. Here are some pics.

<--Diane, Kite Instructor for Aqua Sports & John trying hard to concentrate --->

Austin going out with protection.. / Dino and Ken waiting for WIND

<---- Kite Crew at Jim and Jame's in Maui

Basic starter lessons are pretty straight forward.

The first day will typically consist of an hour with a small trainer kite to learn how to steer a kite in and out of the 'power zone' followed by a tutorial on 'big kites', how to set them up, plus a very important safety lesson.

Day two will likely be a repeat of the session on rigging, followed by a tutorial on how to launch and land a kite (with help of course) and a session called 'body dragging' where the kiter harnesses the wind to pull him/herself through the water to get a feel for controlling the kite to get 'directional' and to build speed. Expect this lesson to be 2-3 hours.

Day three - on the water! Expect this to be the session where you are UP and 'goin' on a board.


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