Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentines Day 2006 - Too Windy to Kiteboard...

wind at 3rd Av VDay 2006My wind alert went OFF at 1PM - a good sign in a month where there is typicaly no wind. The wind hit 20 Mph average with 25 Mph gusts at 1PM. If not for a previously planned Valentine's Dinner I might have given it a shot.

Good thing I didn't...

By 5PM the winds were 42 Mph average, gusting to 50 Mph.

7 stitches from a wacky ride in 35Mph gusting 40 winds 1/2 mile offshore at KiteBeach Maui I have a permanant reminder of the last time I went kiting in conditions like this - labor day weekend 2003 off the north shore of Maui. The wind gusts were so strong that my gear started coming apart -- my leash mount tore off the board, slingshotting into my head. Amazingly there was an ER doc hanging around the beach to save my ___.

In addition to acquiring a nice 3 inch long 7 stitch scar on my left temple, I now also have a really cool helmet I picked up at Aquan Sports in San Carlos- - and some "wisdom". :)


Blogger Jansen said...

I've been to Aquan Sports in San Carlos and was so impressed by the service and quality of their stuff. Do they have another shop in San Mateo?

3:52 PM  
Blogger kiteVC said...

great catch -- there is ONLY ONE Aquan Sports --

Aquan Sports:
840 Brittan Ave
San Carlos, CA 94070
Phone: 650-593-6060

10:09 AM  

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