Sunday, April 30, 2006

Bay Crossing by Kiteboard - SKUNKED!

Aaron and I knew it would trouble when the windsock was limp at Crissy field upon arrival at 1:30 PM.launch area at CrissyThe wind was light and variable all morning with a heavy layer of fog blanketing the bay. Despite lackluster wind, everyone rigged and prepared to give it a shot - 50ish kiters, ready willing and mostly able...Good thing we had a chase boat and 2 jet skis as backup.

Map of Bay Crossing Route PLANNED ROUTE : the plan (shown by the yellow line on the map) was to head NNE toward Angel Island, then to zig zag due east toward the Berkeley Pier. Once inside the pier area, to do an airshow, then to cut hard SE to a tiny piece of land that sticks out into the bay at the end of Ashby avenue called the Ashby Spit (aka Point Emery).


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