Friday, June 22, 2007

Susi Mai teaching the Raley

Back to Mai Tai Kite Camp lessons... Susi does an amazing Raley, and she looks almost as good off the water as on.
Susi doin a Raley at Kite Beach
Stunning even when not kiting!Incredibly limber with great power - and by definition, unhooked.
Ok, listen up..
I've not kited unhooked (on purpose) for 5 years - but given the quality of her moves, i'm going to focus on the baby step of kiting unhooked this summer.

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Blogger direwolff said...

After having gotten more or less solid on doing kite loops w/forward or back rolls, I decided to lay off unhooked tricks. Primarily because the misses look that much more painful and I'm getting to an age that focusing on my longevity in the sport is more important that being able to pull off some of those tricks. Besides, I'm married now, so no more impressing chicks :) Having said that, going surf style has really juiced my need for the next adrenaline high, and Waddell offers that and more ;)

8:25 AM  
Blogger kiteVC said...

great advice pierre. ill probably just do unhooked raleys - limiting the upside, but also the downside of unhooked spinning tricks gone bad. many people break ribs on unhooked spins and are out for a whole season on one trick gone bad. definitely dont want to be in that camp..

9:16 AM  

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