Saturday, November 10, 2007

Kiting the Lobby, Big Island, Hawaii

Kiting A-Bay, a little south of the Fairmont Orchid.  My Blue & Green Best Waroo kite way out there.  In foreground one of the many turtles we saw on the Big IslandA David Hornick production - Media Moguls. Tech geeks. Start up CEOs. Future speak. Deals being struck. The Hammer. and the wildfires.

"The Lobby".... and Kiting the Big Island.

One of the appeals of David's conference was its location - Big Island, Hawaii - a perfect location for the handful of attendees that also kite. Several of us brought gear and stayed the weekend (chased out by a wild fire on Sunday). It's a stunningly beautiful place, complete with a tropical volcanic landscape, turquoise blue water and sea turtles everywhere.

If you are looking to kite the big island,Download a pdf map of the Big Island here note that Big Island kiting is based on thermals not trade winds. Quite different than the volcanic wind funnel / tunnel on Maui's north shore. Big Island kiting in "A bay" or "K bay" is based on a flow from the south west in the opposite direction of the tradewinds. There's a tight local crowd to learn from, many of whom are members of I Pray For Wind. Read the rest of the post here.

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