Monday, September 25, 2006

Kiteboarding at 44 MPH -
9/27/06 -- Shawn (aka AceMace), thanks for the UPDATE

Shawn at 3rd Ave. Recently, Shawn and Jesse Richman were here in the SF Bay Area to participate in the Cabrinha Race Series at the St. Francis Yacht Club.

I caught up with Shawn after a nice kite session at 3rd Ave. Shawn and his brother have always been some of my favorite kiteboarders to watch – he and Jesse can really JUMP. BUT - That’s not all they can do...

Just before coming over to California, Shawn set a record for SPEED on the water at the Maui Speed Challenge ( Click on "race results" and look at the Sept 10th data). Shawn managed to attain a speed of 38.1knots – or 44 MPH (conversion table) on the open ocean. Not only was he the fastest kiter – he was FASTER THAN all the windsurfers as well. That’s amazing – I’ve always assumed that a windsurfer with a sail board (and its great big rail to spread the weight and pressure of a great big sail) would be faster than any kiter on the water on a given day.

Here's a clip (Video - Maui SPeed Challenge) from the Maui Speed Challenge - Shawn speaks briefly at 1:47 into the video.

I asked him about the conditions and gear. Shawn mentioned that the wind speed was roughly 35 knots, and that he used a Cabrina 12 bow kite in combination with a slightly larger asymmetric board; bindings pointed aggressively forward. He pointed to another standard board as a comparison – I’m guessing it was around 150 cm.

In his words "I just looked for a patch of kinda flat water & pointed down wind..." GO!


Blogger acemace said...

Hey this is Shawn,
the board i was on was on is like a water ski only wider. i had foot straps pointed dramatically towards the front of the board, so when flying downwind i had control and could face forward. i was totally overpowered on a 12 x-bow, i would have been doing freestyle on a 9 or 7. I would cruise the edge of the reef( bone yard, outside kitebeach} where i would look for a flat section and when i found something to my liking i would drop the kite low and bear off the wind, point directly off the wind then edge just enough to keep the pull in the kite. the best runs were between waves and when i never left the water but flew through the flat. it is really fun, if you can get your hands on a good GPS then try. if you have any questions just ask, oh and no worries but jesse is spelled that way, not jessie. but it happens all the time.
I hope it is not too long before i can ride 3rd again, i love that place.

11:42 AM  
Blogger kiteVC said...

awesome shawn, and i've corrected the spelling of your brother's name.. B

11:52 PM  
Blogger BloGKITE said...

When are you cometing at the PKRA Speed?

10:03 PM  

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