Sunday, October 22, 2006

No wind?? Try this Kiteboarding Simulator

It's that time of year. I have not been on the water for several weeks now and am having severe withdrawal. I'm going to have to head to hawaii, mexico, fiji.... SOMEWHERE windy to get another fix... unless....
go to kitesim If you are in the same boat -- one of 3rd's anchor tenants, J.R., has written something that can give you a temporary hit.

In his spare time away from kiting, J.R. Gloudemans is a NASA specialist on aircraft design -- who incorporates 'real world' laws of physics into his code. Click HERE to go straight to his download page.

I've asked him if he can integrate it into SecondLife where my name is "alan greenspan golem" -- my intention was to wreak (in a fun way) havoc with the money supply -- but instead, now i'm relishing a chance to see if alan can kite!!

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